Weltweiter Wettbewerb: Lock it & Relax!

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23. August 2018

Worldwide competition: Lock it & Relax!

When you go on a long trip you usually carry a lot of luggage – that also happens when you travel by train. On a train you can store your belongings at the luggage rack or on the overhead shelves. But we all know that we don’t like leaving our bags unattended or out of sight. So, what do you do when the luggage rack is not easily visible from your seat? What do you do with your carry-ons when you want to go to the dining car or the toilet?

That’s the aim: Lock it & Relax! ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA and ÖBB, Austria’s biggest mobility provider with yearly more than 461 million passengers in seven European countries are looking for innovative companies with existing solutions for reaching this aim. Train travellers should be given the opportunity to go on more relaxing and carefree journeys with the help of luggage safety on the long distance premium train Railjet.

That’s the competition: Can you fulfil the train travellers’ needs?

Imagine… At the beginning of a long train ride customers deposit and lock their luggage, know that it is safe in storage and then they don’t have to worry about it at any time along the way, regardless of their activities during the train ride.

ÖBB is looking for existing solutions for luggage locking systems used by train travellers on premium train Railjet regarding luggage racks and overhead shelves (see pictures attached). The Railjet fleet includes 60 trains which travels internationally across seven countries (Austria, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Switzerland, Liechtenstein) and provides about 900 luggage racks and overhead shelves.


  • the solution’s level of development: market-ready respectively first tested prototype
  • the solution should be practical, quick and easily to handle for train travellers
  • the solution must have at least one hardware componentthe solution should be easily integrated in the existing storage facilities on the train (racks and shelves)
  • easy, universal access to the safety system for the train staff
  • possibility of an emergency opening for the luggage safety system
  • the solution should allow pieces of luggage to remain visible
  • approvable for the railway operations.

Be part of this worldwide competition!

  • Your product fulfils the traveller’s needs? Apply now with your solution! Provide a presentation with the following points:
    • Brief description of concept/product.
    • Explain the benefit and handling of your solution from the traveller’s perspective in a step-by-step process / touchpoints along the customer’s journey.
    • Is the solution already implemented elsewhere? If yes, where?
    • Attach additional product information (if available)
  • Mail to: openinnovation@oebb.at
  • Deadline: 31st August 2018, 11:59pm (GMT+1) – Application Deadline extended until 14th September 2018, (GMT+1)

In September 2018 an innovation expert-jury in Austria will evaluate all submissions and rate them by the following criteria: fit to requirements, customers benefit and handling, level of innovation and ease of implementation. The winners will be informed via mail by the end of September 2018*.

The three best luggage lock solutions worldwide will be awarded with following prices:

  1. Place: 5.000€
  2. Place: 2.500€
  3. Place: 1.000€

We are looking forward to receiving innovative and outstanding luggage lock solutions for more relaxing and carefree train journeys.Any questions?

Feel free to contact ÖBB Open Innovation Team via openinnovation@oebb.at


About ÖBB:

As a comprehensive, global mobility services provider the ÖBB Group brings 461 million passengers and 111 million tons of goods to their destination every year in an eco-friendly manner. 92 percent of the traction power comes from renewable energy sources, up to 90 percent from hydro power. In 2017, ÖBB was among the most punctual railway operators in Europe with a punctuality rate about 96 percent. About 40.000 employees in railways and bus services (plus about 1,900 apprentices and trainees) across the Group ensure that around 1.3 million passengers reach their destination safely every day.


ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA is the internalization and innovation agency powered by the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber. It has over 100 bases worldwide and supports Austrian business activities all over the world. In 2012 ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA was awarded Trade Promotion Organization of the Year by the International Trade Centre (ITC), a body run jointly by the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the United Nations (UN).