Startup Financing

Looking for startup financing and the opportunity to get off the ground? Only very few business ideas can be financed with your own financial resources. As soon as you start looking for outside capital, you should have considered the following questions:

  • How high is the financing requirement (up to the break-even point)?
  • How much equity can the founding team raise on its own?
  • Are there suitable public funding programs?
  • What other financing options are available?

The preparation of a business plan with a profitability forecast can help to answer these questions. At the latest when you enter into negotiations with a lender, you need a coherent and meaningful business plan.

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Bank financing

For many companies in the start-up phase, the bank loan in combination with possible development loans is the basis for business financing. This type of financing is particularly suitable for founders who want to start producing and marketing their idea quickly. The first point of contact is often the company’s own bank.
The state-owned L-Bank offers free financing advice.

Business Angels

The Business Angels Region Stuttgart (BARS e.V.) are private investors with years of entrepreneurial experience. They offer venture capital to young, promising companies and support high-growth companies personally with our industry, management and leadership experience as well as contacts.

Funding programs

The EU, the federal government, the state, the region and the municipalities as well as various institutions support the start of entrepreneurial independence through a variety of funding programs for startups.
However, especially when it comes to promoting innovation, the many different funding programs for startups have very different requirements. You should therefore inform yourself in good time in advance, as some programs require you to apply for funding before you start your business.

Equity investments, venture capital

Start-up BW Pre-Seed

Early-stage financing for innovative start-up projects

Digital Economy” funding program of the state of Baden-Württemberg

Early-stage financing for innovative start-up projects

Corportae Venture Capital

Many established companies are interested in cooperating with startups and offer various opportunities for collaboration, accelerator programs and equity capital:

Intermediation services for equity capital


Crowdfunding can best be translated as “swarm financing”. Here, money is collected for a project from a large crowd, usually via corresponding online platforms. The private investors receive interest or a share of the profits.
An overview of various crowdfunding platforms and further information on the subject can be found at
The new joint Internet portal of the Ministry of Economics and L-Bank combines crowdfunding with development loans:

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Partner database

Looking for support? In our partner database you will find the right contact persons for your questions about startups and founding in the Stuttgart region!