Financing and Investment

General information around startup financing:

Very few business ideas can be implemented using only private financing. Most founders are therefore in need of venture capital. As soon as you actively start requesting outside capital, you should have considered the following questions:

  • How high are the financing requirements (until break-even)?
  • How high are the private financing abilities of the founding team?
  • Are there suitable public funding programs?
  • What are other possible financing options?

When answering these questions a business plan with profitability forecast is helpful. At the latest when entering negotiations with outside creditors you will need a sound and conclusive business plan.

Below you will find important providers and contact points for startup financing.

Business Angel networks:

• Business Angels Region Stuttgart e.V.


Award for digitization of the federal state Baden-Württemberg:



Venture capital:

• Grazia Equity GmbH
• High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH
• coparion GmbH & Co. KG


Corporate venture capital and accelerators of established companies:

• Robert Bosch Venture Capital GmbH
• Robert BOSCH Startup GmbH
• Startup Autobahn
• MAHLE Corporate Venture Capital
• GFT Innovations GmbH – CODE_N
• Porsche Digital GmbH


Intermediary services for venture capital:

• bwcon GmbH

• VentureZphere Börse Stuttgart