About us

The website „Startup Region Stuttgart“ is a joint initiative of Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart GmbH, the state capital of Stuttgart, Startup Stuttgart e.V., Business Angels Region Stuttgart e.V. and bwcon GmbH:

As the central contact for investors and businesses in Stuttgart and the five surrounding districts, the business development agency supports start-ups as well as established businesses. They raise awareness for the qualities of the region as a business location, support the establishment of companies in the area and offer a broad variety of projects and services aimed at the development of the region. With regard to startups they offer sector related services, networks, placement of commercial and industrial real estate and support the following initiatives: PUSH! –Network for Business Creations out of Universities in Stuttgart, HiTURS – High-Tech Entrepreneurship in Stuttgart, Inventio and the Business Angels Region Stuttgart e.V.

The Business Development Agency of the City of Stuttgart  acts as the central contact for investors and businesses in the state capital. They offer assistance in questions like company establishment, business development of already existing enterprises and support for founders. Their services for entrepreneurs include the founders’ bureau alongside with events, workshops, consultations, placement of real estate for founders and creative centers and various publication on startup-related topics.

The private investors of Business Angels Region Stuttgart (BARS)  rely on years of business experience, and do not only offer venture capital to up-and-coming enterprises, but also enjoy supporting young businesses with their sector related and managerial know-how and networks. Through its engagement and network, the association offers direct access to promising business creations, innovative growth companies as well as the regional founders’ scene. The aim is to actively contribute to the future of the economic region Stuttgart and the federal state of Baden-Württemberg.

Baden-Württemberg: Connected e.V. (bwcon) is the leading business initiative promoting the high-tech location Baden-Württemberg. With over 600 member companies, the association aims at supporting technologies and industries that are of key importance for economy and society. Information and communication technologies form a thematic priority due to their role as innovation drivers for user industries such as mobility, production and energy. bwcon GmbH is a service company supporting businesses and their innovation processes across the whole value chain. The portfolio comprises talent and idea management, knowledge transfer and fostering the growth of young as well as established companies. A particular focus lies on the interaction between established companies and high-tech startups to accelerate the invention of new products and services.


VentureZphere is a startup database in Germany. The aim is to transparently depict the founding landscape in Germany in order to increase the visibility of innovative business ideas and the attractiveness of the location for investors. With our offerings, we support startups in the acquisition of equity and debt and create networks that benefit all stakeholders. The project was initiated by the Financial Center Initiative Stuttgart Financial together with the Stuttgart Stock Exchange and is actively supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labor and Housing.

StartUp Stuttgart e.V. believes the potential of creating a sustainable startup culture in Baden-Württemberg and the resulting opportunities for individuals and society. The association is responsible for organizing events, publishing news about the regional startup community and offering services including networking, real estate placement and knowledge transfer around the topic of entrepreneurship. The community initiative around StartUp Stuttgart was founded in 2011 by Harald Amelung, Johannes Ellenberg und Kathleen Fritzsche. In 2014 StartUp Stuttgart was converted into a registered association.